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Mission Statement & Values

It is our mission to deliver an excellent product to all of our consumers.  We take pride in being able to provide high quality and result-driven merchandise. We value our customers and will always strive to leave a positive impact and look forward to great interactions and experiences with our patrons. We believe in self care, self love, and also are true believers that we all must indulge in self excellence. Our values support individualism, strength,  and pure and natural  beauty inside and out.  We are committed and passionate that WELLTRÈ Hair Care is a product line that’s ready to embrace the beauty of you.

Who we are?

WELLTRÈ Hair Care was created by two humble sisters who had a vision to provide a quality product, promote healthy hair, and leave a legacy for their daughters. Rhonda is a licensed cosmetologist and has been serving her community and providing beauty services for over  28 years.  Latonya is an entrepreneur and provides  mentorship  to various young ladies with start up businesses. While embarking on this journey to provide the best products for all hair types, this is just the beginning of a dynamic duo.

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